How to grow your Instagram followers organically in 2022


How to grow your Instagram followers organically in 2022

Grow your Instagram followers in 2022 with the new Instagram adjustments starting in 2022. You might have missed the Instagram stories that Adam Mosseri made. In his Instagram stories, he discussed the major changes for Instagram starting in 2022. You can read more about those changes in this article.
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Right now we will discuss the five things you will be required to do, to organically attract Instagram followers with the changes that are planned for 2022. Starting 2022 Instagram is going to place organic reach back on the platform. Because Instagram is unable to keep up with its competitors (TikTok and YouTube). And they understand that they are required to include organic reach and not just let users pay to get more reach. With this change, they will have a chance to compete against their competitors. This adjustment by Instagram has created an opportunity for the users that are ready to adapt. However, it is important to understand that we cannot use the same tactics and strategies that have been used before 2022.

Focus on Reels

Most of the Instagram users are only navigating through the Reels section. And we all know that videos have better engagement results than photos. For Instagram to be able to compete with its competitors Instagram will concentrate on improving its Reels. To get the most out of this adjustment you will be required to produce at least two to three Reels a day. If this is not done, you will miss your chance to take the wave of the early adopters. You need to start creating content just for Reels, when you do this, your number of views, organic reach, followers, and sales will grow. We also advise focusing on creating Reels for two reasons:

  1. Instagram has the most demand of any content type that the people want to see.
  2. It is the easiest way for Instagram to measure. Instagram can see when and for how long users have been watching the video. It gives Instagram a better hold on creating strategies for Reels. And that is why creating Reels is important.

Make the best Reels you can within your skill and look into what your competitors are creating in their Reels, for inspiration.

Create enough stories content

Creating stories will be the most second important content creation for you to gain more engagement in 2022. When creating stories, include polls in your stories, create stories to promote products or your latest post, conduct product research, to get general engagement with your followers. We recommend creating 3 to 5 stories across the day and be sure to include polls in your stories. By doing so you will see growth in your Instagram account.

Using correct Hashtags

Do not use more than five hashtags per Instagram story. Instagram themselves have recommended only to use three to five hashtags per Instagram post to get the best results. If you do more than five hashtags, your content will not reach its most potential. Three of those hashtags should have a high reach and two of them should be lower. Socianis can help you with this, we highlight the best hashtags that suit the content that you are creating. Plus, we provide each hashtag with its metrics, this allows you to create fitting strategies to get the most out of your content.

Posting your content at the correct time

You can have the most amazing content, but if you are not posting it during an hour when your followers are the most active, you will not get the most out of it. For Instagram we recommend you to post the content between 11:00AM-12:00PM, 15:00PM-17:00PM and 19:00PM-23:00PM. For even greater results, Socianis can detect when your followers are the most active and then automatically post the created content.

Place a Hook

Many content creators are either unaware or do not understand what a hook is or how to use it. Every Reels and or story you create needs to have a hook and a CTA (call to action). A hook is a phrase or a visual that will let viewers click on your video. Instagram cares about the number of people and the amount of time your video is being viewed. Be sure your Reels have a hook in the first three seconds of the video and a CTA at the last three seconds of the video so they can engage with the content. When creating a CTA be sure to follow these steps:

  1. It needs to have text.
  2. It needs to be at the end of the video (the last three seconds).
  3. Place it on the top half of the screen (this is for user experience reasons).
  4. Make the CTA noticeable, make sure it has a clear contrast.

Curating content

Use content that already has been used, and give the creator also the credit they deserve. This is an easy way for your Instagram to get a lot of views and reach. Curating other people content has its benefits, it will do the following things for your Instagram growth:

  1. Get more views on your Reels.
  2. It will help out the other creator.
  3. You will always be up to date what your audience want and need If you see a Reel that went viral and that Reel is within your niche, try to recreate it. We advise you to start adapting from the professionals and learn from their success. If you follow all the steps we have addressed, you will see significant growth in your Instagram account.

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