Instagram big changes in 2022


Instagram big changes in 2022

Instagram big changes in 2022! Instagram is planning to rebuild in 2022, concentrating more on video and messaging because those experiences are receiving all the growth. They are also planning on including more teens and content creators on the Instagram platform. Currently, teens are not using Instagram as much as they use TikTok. Instagram wants to include that demographic in the wide variety of Instagram users.

Rebuilding Instagram

When it comes to using Reels (Instagram) and TikTok, you will get a different experience on each platform. TikTok is able to attract many teens and young video creators because it is entertaining. And it is that entertainment culture that makes the TikTok platform successful. Instagram understands, to be of relevance for many years, they will be required to find a way to adapt the entertainment culture to their platform. This also tells us that Instagram understands that videos have a greater impact than a still image. Their biggest challenge will be, how can Instagram encourage the young audience to use Instagram?

Close friends

Close friends is a feature in Instagram which allows you to post a story to a few selected people. We have noticed that the Close friends’ features tap into the curiosity. When you know a certain content is just meant for you, and now one else can see it (or a few selected ones) you will engage with it quicker than just the regular stories. Instagram has noticed that there are higher engagement rates with close friends’ stories. We have seen content creators create premium content for their audience, and we think Instagram is going to explore this feature for the content creators. It is rumored that Instagram will include a premium subscription list, where subscribers can access premium content.

Chronological Feed

The chronological feeds will return on Instagram. This update is not forced, it is optional. The users can either decide to have their feed in chronological order or to leave it as it is. We believe this option will be placed somewhere in the navigation; may the event occur that the user wants to change the feed order then that option will be available. Instagram has always stated that the curated feed is better, and it makes users scroll through their feed longer. We believe that the curated feed is better when you are following many people. But it is not beneficial when you are not following many people. When the chronological feature returns, posting your content at a good time will be more important and we might see more unfollows in the beginning.

Immersive videos

Instagram will not become a video-sharing app; photos are part of the Instagram heritage and they will always keep supporting photos. However, Instagram will do better with immersive videos. Because that is generating all the growth and the interest. If Instagram is going to focus on its growth, it means they will require to concentrate on improving the implementation of immersive videos. This also means that still, images will not receive the same attention as the videos. This is since videos have a greater reach than images. Instagram is going to focus on immersive videos, the only way they can do that is by virtual reality (VR) or Augmented reality (AR). We recommend staying up to date with this matter, especially when you want to become one of the early adopters. This immersive video is a brand-new concept to our knowledge none of the Instagram competitors are doing or planning to do something with immersive videos. You might want to look into this article how the Metaverse will affect your business.

NFTS on Instagram

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, NFTs are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain and can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audios. And yes, Instagram is actively exploring NFTs and how they make them more accessible to a broader audience. Instagram is exploring NFTs to help creators. This is implying that there will be some benefit for the content creators when it comes to selling NFTs.

There is no doubt that Instagram is going to take a different approach in 2022. They are going to adapt to the demographic and culture of TikTok. We recommend you also read thisarticle for growing your follower base on Instagram with the new approach in mind.

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